Pat Brahs


A Touch of Pat's Art

From her very beginning, Pat had the God given ability to draw and to create artistic images.

While raising her four sons, Pat worked as a teacher's aide for educationally handicapped children. Her artistic talents enabled her to inspire and encourage these young students to do their very best. It gave them the desire and courage to improve themselves.

In the past, Pat has volunteered to decorate for many community fundraisers that her family was involved with. Little League Baseball, Pop Warner Football and other fundraising events provided a creative outlet while raising her family. More recently, the Festival of Western Arts, San Dimas Chamber of Commerce, San Dimas Rodeo and other fundraising events help to promote her work. She has also created a number of original paintings for her friends and relatives as gifts, too.

Pat had taken a number of art classes and had been dabbling in different art mediums. Finding her enjoyment in the more difficult challenge of watercolor art, which art teacher, Milford Zornes was very complimentary of when he critiqued one of her early watercolor creations. It was Pat's son Dale, a very gifted young man, who encouraged his mom to become more serious with her art. Dale could see Pat's exceptional artistic talent and encouraged her to start marketing her art. When Pat lost Dale in January of 1993, she decided to make art the focal point in her life. Pat says that, "Dale was, and is, my inspiration." It is in memory of Dale that she always paints or draws a rose on all her creations.

Pat was encouraged by her friends, family and others who were moved by her images. She decided to start making prints from her original paintings. And now, Pat's paintings appear on the walls of homes and businesses in all states of America and other industrialized nations of the world. Because Pat has her own original ideas, she always resisted doing the trendy thing. Her watercolor images range from personal to a number of general topics. This is all very evident when you look at her website.

Because of Pat's background in working with her own children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and students in the classroom, she has the experience to know what the children like. Her artistic creativity has since expanded into creating, illustrating and writing children's books. With this, her main goal is to teach kids how to be nice to each other through her books.

But no matter what Pat creates, her collectors all agree about the sensitivity and warmth of her work. For many people, her creations trigger memories of kindred moments; thoughts of exciting times in their life. It is this inspiration that Pat always has several images that she would like to create and is always racing to catch up with her thoughts. She has said, "I don't hurt for ideas, I hurt for time."

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